Welcome to Lift My Life

We lift you up, while preparing you for life's heavy lifting.

About Us

Created and run by The Flourishing Center...

LiftMy.Life is an online community that's like a gym for the mind and heart.

We LIFT YOU UP, while preparing you for LIFE'S HEAVY LIFTING.

Like a gym where you can take a variety of classes throughout the day designed to get you physically fit, Lift builds your mental, emotion, and social fitness.

Join our daily Lift Me Up sessions (25 or 50 minute daily LIVE classes that happen via Zoom). 

Or, need a "pick me up" in the middle of the day? Choose from our 1 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute digital Pick Me Up activities.

Complete Daily Reflection prompts. Share and exchange Articles, Videos and Books within the community. Get access to 1-on-1 and group coaching. Take  courses to teach you resilience and well-being skills. And so much more. 

Our community of Lifters and UpLifters gather daily, to learn, grow and practice the skills of well-being. 

Join us to UpLift your Life in the LiftMy.Life Community.

Why Join Us

Get Ready to Train Your Brain!

And, practice showing up in the world the way you want to.

  • We give you proven techniques to master thoughts, feelings, and behaviors for more control over your life.
  • You’ll learn strategies to be fully present for and committed to the people around you.
  • And, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the learnings in an environment that’s both structured and fun.

Come, share, explore, create, and play. No matter where you are in the world, there’s a Lift class for you.

It’s your time to soar!

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